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In this article, we will talk about TATA Power Share price Target and Fundamental and technical analysis of TATA Power share price. It is easy to know the Tata Power share price target and invest the money but it is not the right way to doing investment in the share market.

First, you have to understand about the company. what company is doing, which area company is working, future growth of the company? After that, we will talk about the TATA Power share Price Target. Let’s start with the basics of TATA Power…

About The Company

Tata Power is one of India’s largest integrated power supply companies. It started in the year 1910 as a TATA Hydroelectric Power supply company. In the year 1916, it joined with Andra Valley Power supply company. In the year 1915, it started India’s second hydro-electric in khopoli. Which electric generation capacity is 72 MW. In the year 1919, it started a second power plant with 75 MW capacity in Bhivpuri and a third plant in Bihar with generating capacity of 300MW.

Tata Power is 106 years old company. The founder of this company is Dorabji tata.THE current CEO and MD of this company are Mr.Praveer Sinha. Tata Power working in the field of electricity generation and distribution, solar energy production, solar water pump, natural gas exploration, distribution, Solar cell production, Electric vehicle charging station, etc.

Business areas of TATA Power

Befor Kowing the Tata Power share price Target lets a look the tata power Business areas.

-Renewable energy generation, Transmission, EV Charging Infrastructure, Manufacturing, Conventional Energy Generation, Distribution, solar water pump, solar rooftop, solar EPC projects,

Power Generating Capacity of TATA Power:-

Thermal,Coal,oil and Gas:-Total 8805 MW

Gujrat(Mundra)-4,150,PPA Tenure is long term and return profile is Bid based.

Maharastra(Mumbai):-930 MW,PPA Tenure is medium term,Return profile is regulated

Jharkhand(Malthon):-1050 MW,PPA Tenure is longterm,Return profile is regulated.

Jharkhand(Jojobera):-547 MW,PPA Tenure is longterm,return profile is Regulated.

Odisha(Kalinganagar):-40 MW,PPA tenure is longterm,return profile is Tolling / Fixed tarif.

Uttar Pradesh(Prayagraj):-1980 MW,PPA tenure is long term,return profile is Under Platform Management.

New Delhi-Rithala(Gas based):-108 MW, PPA tenure is none

Thermal –Waste Heat Recovery:-Total capacity is 375 MW.

Jharkhand(Jamshedpur):-120MW,long term PPA,return profile is Bilaterally negotiated

Odisha(Kalinganagar):-135 MW,long term PPA,return profile is Bilaterally negotiated.

West Bengal(Haldia):-120 MW, Short term PPA,Return Profile is merchant sale and bilateral contracts.

HYDRO power plant of Tata Power:-

Maharashtra:-Bhira-300MW,Khopoli-72 MW,Bhivpuri-75 MW, Medium term PPA,return profile is regulated.

Renewables business Of TATA Power:-

Now days Tata Power focus their power generation from normal to renewble power generation:-

Wind Farms:-Wind farms of Tata power situated in Maharashtra, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Rajasthan, and Andhra Pradesh. Total Generated Capacity is 932 MW.

Solar Photovoltaic (PV):-Solar Photovoltaic situated in Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, Delhi, Gujarat, Haryana, Jharkhand, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Punjab, Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu, Telangana, Uttar Pradesh. The total Power generating Capacity is 1705 MW.

TATA Power total domestic power generating capacity is 12264 MW

TATA Power also have international Asset for generating the power:

Thermal –Coal / Oil /Gas:-Indonesia(PT Citra Kusuma Perdana),Total power generating Capacity is 54MW,

Hydro:-Bhutan(Dagachhu):-126 MW,Zambia(Itezhi Tezhi):-120 MW,Georgia:-178 MW

International Total Power generating capacity of tata power is 478 MW

TATA Power Total Power generating Capacity is 12742 MW.

Renewable Capacity Of tata power

Tata power has a total power generation capacity from solar 1705 MW which plant situated across 14 states and a union territory. The Wind energy capacity of TATA power is 932 MW which plant situated across seven states.

As per the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) program of UNFCCC tata power register the project in Gadag (Karnataka) and Khandke (Maharashtra) for wind power. Another two wind power projects in Saurashtra (Gujarat), and One solar project in Mithapur (Gujarat).

Microgrid Operation Of TATA Power:

So many times in India Rural consumer-facing problems like load shedding, and voltage fluctuations. In rural India, so many places have no electricity connection. To solve this problem TP Renewable Microgrid Limited (TPRMG) planning to set the world’s largest microgrid which helps India to become a carbon-free, clean energy country.

Tata Power plans to set up 10,000 microgrids in the next six years. That will serve five million households. Through this tata power planing to create 10,000 new jobs, to help over 400,000 local farmers.

EV charging Station of TATA Power:

Following the government’s National Electric Mobility Mission tata power start building the EV charging infrastructure in India. Starting from the first charging station in Mumbai, Maharashtra tata power now have total 170 EV charging station across 20 cities in India like Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Bengaluru, and Hyderabad.

Tata Power partners with an app-based EV service provider Prakriti E-mobility Solutions to provide charging infrastructure and support their EV taxi fleet in Delhi and NCR. Tata Power also makes an agreement with Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) to provide end-to-end EV charging solutions. Also TATA power sign MOU with Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Ltd., Indian Oil Corporation Ltd., and Indraprastha Gas Ltd to set up commercial EV charging stations. Tata power planning to expand the EV-Charging station to 700 by 2021.

Solar Water pumps of TATA Power:-

The goverment of India plans to provide solar water pumps to 3.5 milion house hold through Pradhan Mantri Kisan Urja Suraksha Evam Utthaan Mahabhiyan (PM KUSUM) scheme.Tata power also starting solar water pump business to reach the goal of clean and green India.With this strong vision Tata power completed protfolio around 25,000 solar water pumps across India.

Tata Power Shareholding Pattern:-

Chart by Visualizer

Yearly wise Profit and Loss Of Tata Power:-

Profit and loss also a key factor of achieving the Tata Power share price target.

Chart by Visualizer

Cash Flows Of TATA Power:-

Cash flows is a key role in achieving Tata Power share price target. Because If the company has more positive cash flows company utilizes the money for future Growth and the tata power share price target will go up. Otherwise is the cash flows being negative the tata power share price target will be going downward.

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Technical Analysis Of TATA Power:-

After the Market crash on Mar 20, during covid19 Pandamic Tata Power Hit 52 week low at RS20. After May 20 if you see the weekly chart you observed that tata power in uptrend till 8 Mar/2021, After that following the nifty tata power share is in sideways till date. From low Rs 27.00, it makes a high of 114.50 in Mar2021. Tata Power already proved that it is a multi-bagger share. So the question is how far it can go up or it will go down? and what is the Tata Power Share Price Target?

Tata Power Share Price Target:-

In this section, we will discuss Tata Power share price target, Now long run Tata Power is trading above 20 days moving average and above 200 days moving average. So you can see tata power is on an uptrend. According to technical analysis, TATA Power’s first resistance is 115.12. If it holds the price it can go upside, in the upside next resistance of Tata Power share Price target is between 150-160 range. Tata Power’s all-time high is nearly 159.35.


Worlds are changing so India also. To become a big player in the economy India should reduce the dependency on the Import of oil and be dependent on the power sector. To do this India should divert the power generation to renewable power sources. Tata Power can be a big player in this time. It has the backbone of Tata Group. We can believe in tata power management. So the question is what is the target of tata power? According to technical analysis now TATA POWER SHARE PRICE TARGET maybe 150 to 160 range. Tata power share price target can reach tor not time will tell. If you like this article pls comment with your opinion and share it with friends.

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