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Pollution and Pollution. This is the very scary world of modern days. We are struggling to fight it. Global warming becomes a dangerous threat to the mother world. How to eliminate this global warming word from our dictanary.No this is not an easy way to do. If we want to deal with it we have to search for an alternative way to generate the power. Also, oil storage and coal are limited.

So one day it will go to the finish, Then what to do. India like country spend a lot of money to export oil from the middle east and also oil price is manipulated by OPEC Country. So what is the alternate way? Do we have to think? So the future world is for Renewable energy sources. So many countries are trying to become a power of renewable energy source.

India likes a country where opportunities for solar and wind power generation can be a world leader for Renewable energy. Here is the key to making money to invest some share which is leading company of Indian market for renewable energy. Tata Power, the power generation company can become an Indian market leader for renewable energy? Let’s talk about the tata power company..

Tata power share fundamental analysis

Tata Power is India’s largest integrated power company with the capacity of generating 12,264MW.In that 8805 MW is thermal,447 MW is hydro,375 MW is waste heat/BFG,932 MW is wind and 1705 MW is solar.


:-3883 MW is clean and green energy.

:-It has 3531 CKM transmission line.

:-Tata power installed 1.95 lakh smart meter.

:-Net debt and EBITA ratio is 5.2

:-FY20 from FY19 net cash flow increase by 61%

:-FY19 to FY20 operating profit increase by 13%

This area make TATA power share is unique.

Tata power business areas

Renewable Energy Generation,Transmission, EV Charging Infrastructure,Manufacturing, Conventional Energy Generation,Distribution, Solar Water Pump, Solar Rooftop, Solar EPC Projects,

TATA power domestic footprint and Generation Capacity (MW):-Gujarat 4,444 MW,Uttar Pradesh 1,981 MW,Maharashtra 1,749 MW,Jharkhand 1,723 MW,Karnataka | 619 MW,Rajasthan -400 MW,Tamil Nadu -371 MW,Andhra Pradesh -305 MW,Odisha- 175 MW,Madhya Pradesh-174 MW,West Bengal- 120 MW,Delhi-110 MW,Bihar-41 MW,Punjab -36 MW,Telangana-15 MW,Haryana – 1 MW,Uttarakhand -1 MW.

Management analysis of tata power share:-

Board Of Directors of TATA Power share

Mr. Praveer Sinha:-

Other Board of Directors of TATA Power Share:-

Mr. Natarajan Chandrasekaran,Chairperson Non-Executive ,non-Idependent,

Ms. Anjali Bansal,Non-Executive,Independent

Ms. Vibha Padalkar,Non-Executive,Independent

Mr. Sanjay V. Bhandarkar,Non-Executive,Independent

Mr. Kesava Menon Chandrasekhar,Non-Executive,Independent

Mr. Hemant Bhargava,Non-Executive,Nominee

Mr. Saurabh Agrawal,Non-Executive,Non-Independent

Mr. Banmali Agrawala,Non-Executive,Non-Independent

Mr. Ashok Sinha,Non-Executive,Independent

Share Holding Pattern of TATA Power Share

Promoter and promoter group:-37.22%

Public (Institutional Investors):-45.51%

Public (Others):-17.27%

Opportunity of TATA Power share

Continuous growth in renewables business, Expanding distribution presence and network, including microgrids, Invest in Next-Gen power solutions.

The Future Energy infrastructure of TATA POWER share

421 MW Solar rooftop EPC business,including 28 MW of solar rooftop under PPA

1.9 GW of Solar PV modules shipped globally by Tata Power Solar Systems Limited

312 MW Of solar power generation capacity added in FY20

700 MW Solar projects under various stages of implementation under Tata Power Renewable Energy Limited

51% Stake in Central Electricity Supply Company of Orissa Ltd.

170 EV charging points in 20 cities in India

IMS COMPLIANT Thermal stations

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